David in theatre using keyhole surgery to spay a dog
David performing keyhole surgery at Bridge Vets

Laparoscopic surgery – commonly called ‘keyhole surgery’

We are continually striving to offer your pets the very best standards of care. In 2018 we invested in state of the art equipment enabling us to be one of the few practices in Norfolk to offer it.

Many of us are familiar with it as it is routinely chosen over open surgery in man. Benefits include improved recovery times with reduced pain. The same is true when used by vets. In addition you also have better visibility of the organs compared to open surgery.

Delyth and David in theatre at Bridge performing a laparoscopic procedure
Del and David operating

Commonly we use keyhole to neuter dogs, both spays and abdominal castrates (when the testicles are still in the abdomen). We can also use it to biopsy internal organs or perform preventative procedures . It can even assist in bladder stone removal.

This recent addition complements our existing equipment therefore expanding the healthcare options for your pets.

If you are interested in having keyhole surgery for your pet or have any questions call the team on 01603 783920.